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Taipingwan Business Center
Taipingwan Business Center

Location: Dalian, China

Typology: Commercial

Status: 1st Place Taipingwan Business Center Design Competition

The form of the building is inspired from the ship sailing on the sea, bravely moving forward, which echoes the Shekou spirit of "dare to explore and dare to innovate". As the Taiping Bay innovation Co-operation Zone near the sea, the ocean spirit of setting sail and braving the wind and waves will escort the future development of Taiping Bay New Area together with the Shekou spirit. The architectural shape consists of two functional blocks forming a "V" shape, which represents "Victory". At the same time, an open and inclusive attitude of the building is naturally formed to welcome visitors from all sides. The building adopts the methods of "borrowing scenery" and "frame scenery" in traditional Chinese gardens, and introduces the sight corridors formed by the architectural modeling of Dawang Mountain and Miaoling Mountain in the north of the site into the buildings and squares. Together with the architectural modeling, it forms a profound and far-reaching Chinese landscaping painting.

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