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Mixed Use Apartments in Tacoma, WA.
Park Mixed-use Apartments

Location: Seattle, WA

Typology: Mixed-Use / Multi-family

Status: In Progress

The project site is located on University Way NE along a designated pedestrian street, the goal is to maintain a strong pedestrian culture that currently exists in the area. The use of finer grain materials, unexpected pops of color, and pockets of landscaping at the street edge will enliven and strengthen the pedestrian connection on our site and along University Way NE. Providing transparency in the retail spaces at the first floor will provide eyes on the street and create activity both during the day and at nighttime. The design is centered around the enhancement of the pedestrian experience and simplicity of the form. The massing is designed to cater to the street level experience and differentiate between uses. The retail storefront will be completely transparent, allowing the street edge and the interior space to blur together and activate the street at all times of day. The mass containing the residential entry will be articulated with a different material. Our proposed material palette consists of fiber cement siding in both lap and panel form, with small accents of composite wood panels and corrugated metal to add texture and character.

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